Hadj Design offers a variety of workshops to help increase green roofing awareness and disseminate practical knowledge. The workshop strategy is an integral part our our business plan. Workshops allow us to keep our prices as low as possible while providing some of the best public information available on green roofs. Workshops allow us to provide technical expertise priced for even the smallest of green roof projects.

Hadj principal Patrick Carey is also an offical instructor for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), an organization dedicated to the advancement of green roofing awareness and infrastructure in North America. Check our schedule of 2005 Engagements for a complete list of hadj and GRHC green roofing workshop events.
Workshop #1 is a four-hour presentation and explanation of the elements and functions of green roofs, offering material samples, mock assemblies, and ample time for questions and answers. Snacks and beverages are included. The focus of this workshop is to explain the full range of green roof benefits as well as the means by which these benefits are realized. It also focuses on the interrelationships of green roof assembly elements. The current cost for this workshop is $50.00 with some approved discounts and scholarships.

Workshop #2 is a day-and-a-half workshop that is directed to the do-it-yourselfer who wants to do a small home project like a dog house, kiddie play house, small porch overhang, storage shed, etc. Patricipants are encouraged to bring home projects or drawings/sketches of home projects, but there will be several small projects we will work on in the workshop, to be given away as door prizes. This is a skill-building workshop. The teacher-student ratio is 6:1, and experienced crew members will be there to teach hands-on techniques of waterproof membrane application, deck preparation, geotextile selection and installation, soil mixing and preparation, plant selection and planting technique, plus the fundamentals of design. For those who only want to do some of the work installing their green roofs, contacts with local tradespeople will be provided. Sources of supplies and tools will also be provided. Lunch and snacks will be included. The current cost for this workshop is $175.00 with some approved discounts and scholarships. A $25.00 discount will be offered for all Warkshop #1 participants.

Workshop #3 is currently in development, and is a workshop to teach a model for a green roof business. It is designed for either those who want to add green roofing to the array of services they currently provide, or for those who want to take on a part-time business. It will cover issues like economics, marketing, liability, collaboration with specialty businesses, crew training, and installation logistics. The cost of this workshop is $250.00 and is intended to last for about 6 hours. A #25.00 discount will be offered for each of the previous workshops in this series.

Workshop #4 is for activists and policy makers. It is designed to integrate grass roots organizing and public policy actions to create a regulatory and incentive environment conducive to the widespread use of green roofs. This is still in the planning stages.

Workshop #5 is a special topic workshop in specialized areas like growth media, aesthetic variation, extreme conditions, etc.

Currently we have four #1 workshops and four #2 workshops planned. We will be holding them in San Diego, L.A., Santa Cruz, Carmel, and possibly in San Francisco, Portland, Eugene, Olympia, Seattle, Victoria, Gwinnett County and Vancouver, B.C.

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